Tummy Tuck Dallas TX | Tummy Tuck Plano TX

Tummy Tuck Dallas TX | Tummy Tuck Plano TX

tummy tuck dallas txA tummy tuck is one of the most popular procedures to date.  It is understandable that both men and women alike would like to remove excess fat and skin from their abdominal area for a slimmer appearance.  The effects are dramatic.  A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is considered a major surgery.  Below, we will talk about the procedure itself as well as what you can expect.

The surgery itself involves removing excess skin and fat from all parts of the abdomen, upper and lower.  This is in contrast to a mini tummy tuck.  If you are looking for a mini tummy tuck Dallas TX information, click here.  The left over skin and abdominal muscles are pulled tightly. it is important to note that this procedure sole purpose for the patient should not be to remove fat.  The main aim is to remove excess skin and fat.

Tummy Tuck Dallas TX | Tummy Tuck Plano TX Steps

There are multiple steps involved.  There is an incision made on the lower end of the abdominal wall as well as an circular incision around the belly button. The incision around your nipple is needed if you have access skin in the upper part of your abdomen.  Excess skin is trimmed off.  A new opening for the belly button is made if a cut around the navel was made.

Who can benefit from a tummy tuck?

  • Patients with loose, stretched, and saggy skin
    Patients who have stretch marks on the belly after pregnancy
    Patient with a lot of extra fat around the abdominal region

Tummy tuck patients will generally wear a corset after the procedure is finished as well as any bandages and dressings.  Complete recovery time including complete scar healing and loss of soreness will vary significantly.  This is dependent upon how quickly your body can recover which varies according to each individual.

Complications with the procedure are generally rare since the surgery’s focus is on the skin and muscle layers.

The end result is a flat smooth belly that many women are pleased to show off.